Become a star of your own movie!

Your stag or hen do, your wedding and other parties and trips are one-in-a-lifetime ocasions to remember. We have our cameras to shoot and record those events, but why not step it up and go to a whole new level? Years later, you will want to look back and recall all the amazing moments you had. Give it an extra touch of coolness and fun with your own multimedial filmic production!

What do we do?

We are a film and photography production company specialized in parties and events. We've been around in the party world for over 20 years, and we know exactly what it is all about. We love to see people have fun and laugh in their stag or hen dos, so we make our best to ensure that they have a great experience with our productions.

But not only do we film, edit, offer professional photoshoots and make both digital and printed photo albums to remember you special day. We even let you be the star of your own production!


How do you make your own video?

Good news is that we do the boring part while you do the fun part! Do you have an idea for a stag & hen or wedding video? Perhaps a greeting video for the bride & groom? A hilarious surprise for a stag or hen do? Or what about a music video featuring you and your friends, does it sound good?


Tell us about what you are thinking ad we will make it possible! Bring us your project or develop it with us. We will provide all the equipment that you need and also technical staff to handle everything from cameras to lighting to maybe some catering for thirsty actors! Join us at the editing isle or let us do the job for you. Choose the style and music of your video and have lots of fun at the studio! Now you can feel like a rockstar or film star with your friends! 

Party recording and photosets.

We also offer in-party services, and not only the traditional ones! Shooting and taking pictures during the event is child's play, so let's go even further. Hire a set for your party and give your guests a photo souvenir of themselves! Try our portable green screen photoset for extra fun and place your guests wherever they want to be! 

Make your party different with Spider Web Films. Neither your guests nor you will ever forget such special day. Make a film or photoshoot to remember your party with a smile on your face. It never fails.

¡Choose us for your stag or hen do!

Filming your own movie or music clip can be a great activity for your stag or hen do! Schedule a session with us and you will spend a whole day of fun. Even more, each one of you will keep a copy of your video! 


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Our people is our inspiration.

"I always wanted to be an actress and be featured in a film! And now I did! Thanks to all my friends and Spider Web films, I had the best time ever. I will never forget my hen do!"
Haley Coleman

"Our experience with Spider Web Films was flawless. They brought everything we needed and instructed us on all we needed to know. The production ran smoothly and the result was astounding. I would hire them agane if I was going to make another video."
Kyle Anderson

"My wife made a photo video of us as an anniversary gift. I will have no shame to say I shed manly tears. Seeing all those memories with that beautiful music reminded me of how much I love her. I want to thank Spider Web Films for making that possible."
Fred Harrison